Good news and bad news. The bad news is my EP ‘idontknowwhatimdoing’ is deaded. over with.
The good news is 3 of my favorite of the 7 tracks are being remastered and put towards my new full length project, which will be a follow up with May’s ‘Help‘.
This new album will be entitled, ‘Grief’ and will follow along the same type of vibe that Help did, but with obvious differences which I’m really excited to share with y’all.
But patience must be practiced. I promise it will be worth it. As of now I have 9 tracks written for the LP and about 5-6 already recorded awaiting mixing and mastering.
One track (bloom) is officially mixed and released and available via soundcloud.
Still waiting on the release of my group Minds Bleed Havoc‘s second LP ‘The Widow’s Head’ which is coming this month (hopefully), because the albums been done..just not my call to release it unfortunately or I would have since the video is in lag mode and promotion on the album is slow on the other half’s part. But I’m steady pushin’ it and I know y’all are gonna love it. Until then, be on the lookout for new music steady all throughout the rest of 2015 and following the release of said material will be fucking SHOWS! Hopefully MBH shows, but if that doesn’t pan out definitely some solo shit like back in the day. Peace everyone. love –intent

Grief. coming 2015.