Grief, Cope, & The Widows Head

What’s up y’all! New updates on the new updates. My follow up album to May’s “Help“, “Grief” is done. However, I will be withholding releasing it to finish working on the follow up album to “Grief”, “Cope”. Upon release all 3 albums will be placed together to create what I call the Better Bundle. It’s the story that you’ll have to piece together when listening to all 3 albums but it’s quite heavy shit. Also, the moment I’ve been talking about for like a year is finally upon us! My crew Minds Bleed Havoc‘s new sophomore album The Widows Head is finally released and available via the intention and/or minds bleed havoc bandcamp(s)! We hope you guys like it as much we as enjoyed making it for you. Hope everyone had a great summer. Stay up. Peace. -intention


album #3 of the Better Bundle; COPE.

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