88MPH, Debut single. “Don’t Say” available for stream on SoundCloud!

heehooo. my band 88mph just released our debut single “Don’t Say” off our upcoming album. don’t be L7! check it out!



The R E T U R N.
coming S O O N.

I have changed my plans.
When this baby hits 88mph, you’re going to see some dreamwave.

So, now what?

The year is 2018 and it’s been a roller coaster to say the least. Following my decision to get sober and return to college I have been MIA on the music front.
I am taking this time to work on myself, my skills, and my music. When I return, IF I return, it may be to another genre. It may be to another medium. It may be to multiple mediums.
But, I will return. No news isn’t bad news. In fact, no news is because I’ve been so busy working on my character that I haven’t had time to feel pain, which means, I haven’t had pain to release onto the page.
Instead, I am trying my hand at multiple instruments, writing literature, and writing poetry.
Soon, something will come to fruition. For now, what? Nothing really. But, Intention will return in various forms.

Grief with me.

my new album and the 2nd installment in the Better Bundle, Grief is available now.
hope you’re okay.

Grief, Cope, & The Widows Head

What’s up y’all! New updates on the new updates. My follow up album to May’s “Help“, “Grief” is done. However, I will be withholding releasing it to finish working on the follow up album to “Grief”, “Cope”. Upon release all 3 albums will be placed together to create what I call the Better Bundle. It’s the story that you’ll have to piece together when listening to all 3 albums but it’s quite heavy shit. Also, the moment I’ve been talking about for like a year is finally upon us! My crew Minds Bleed Havoc‘s new sophomore album The Widows Head is finally released and available via the intention and/or minds bleed havoc bandcamp(s)! We hope you guys like it as much we as enjoyed making it for you. Hope everyone had a great summer. Stay up. Peace. -intention


album #3 of the Better Bundle; COPE.

The Widows Head4 2


Good news and bad news. The bad news is my EP ‘idontknowwhatimdoing’ is deaded. over with.
The good news is 3 of my favorite of the 7 tracks are being remastered and put towards my new full length project, which will be a follow up with May’s ‘Help‘.
This new album will be entitled, ‘Grief’ and will follow along the same type of vibe that Help did, but with obvious differences which I’m really excited to share with y’all.
But patience must be practiced. I promise it will be worth it. As of now I have 9 tracks written for the LP and about 5-6 already recorded awaiting mixing and mastering.
One track (bloom) is officially mixed and released and available via soundcloud.
Still waiting on the release of my group Minds Bleed Havoc‘s second LP ‘The Widow’s Head’ which is coming this month (hopefully), because the albums been done..just not my call to release it unfortunately or I would have since the video is in lag mode and promotion on the album is slow on the other half’s part. But I’m steady pushin’ it and I know y’all are gonna love it. Until then, be on the lookout for new music steady all throughout the rest of 2015 and following the release of said material will be fucking SHOWS! Hopefully MBH shows, but if that doesn’t pan out definitely some solo shit like back in the day. Peace everyone. love –intent

Grief. coming 2015.


Intention’s Fuccin’ Problems, Lil’ Bitches, Plans, and Help.

What’s up lil’ bitches (you know who you are) ‘gaycub smbitch’ and pals, as promised a personal shout out to the haters, hoes, and facebook groupies that have been making my name trend on newsfeeds everywhere resulting in follows and plays, gotta love it. Video shoot for a new Mind’s Bleed Havoc track off the upcoming second LP “The Widows Head” is a wrap. Editing ensues. Expect to see this visual within a week or two from today. Following the video will be the announcement of the album release date then the album. Get it? This album is tremendously done and the features are all in the right spots. We hope you guys love this as much as we do, definitely our best work to date with some fire ass beats from our production guy. (Shout Req!).
As for my intended solo EP “idontknowwhatimdoing” I ran into a computer problem which caused me to lose the entire project. I’ve managed to salvage literally 3 songs from it, as opposed to the original 6 or 7 I had floating around unmastered, so I will most likely release this EP as a 3 track FREE-P or attempt to put together a few more songs to wrap it up at a solid 5. Either way I have new material that isn’t available yet coming very soon. As for a newer announcement, during all this bullshit and multiple homeless stretches I have been putting together another project with a producer homie of mine (Shout DJ Spytroop!) and recording is 5/8’s of the way done with mixing and mastering to take place upon the finished recording of the 8th track. No release date specifically in sight for this one but once the product is finished expect to see it out after summer. For up to date and real time information about said releases follow me on instagram @intentionkills or add me on facebook (though it is deactivated from time to time for much needed breaks) and don’t forget to ‘Like’ the Intention page.
Plans following the release of aforementioned projects include, (hopefully, right Mek?..) MBH shows, and if not, you’ll definitely get some solo fuccing dolo fuccers Intention shows. That’s right. Stand in the back shaking your damn head.
And last but definitely not least because motherfuccers need to listen. Help. Get HELP!

peace the FFFFFFFFF out

idontknowwhatimdoing, an attempt by Intention

new tape by myself, Intention coming this summer. a follow up journey through a bipolar manic depressive mind. this project encompasses where i am right now in my life. where i should be. where i could have been. where i’m not going. i dont know what i’m doing. BLOOM           idontknowwhatimdoing

Get Help.

my new album “Help” is now available via bandcamp.
I hope yall like it as much as I don’t. happy mothers day. PEACE.



help is coming. this summer. 2015.
peep the first single “unconscious