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Guttershark. Now Available.

Hello everyone, it’s been a remarkable 2015 so far to say the least. this tape, Guttershark, is a product of the madness thats ensued in just under 2 months. This project is my first since being signed to SunCycle Industries..and will be available for free and/or name your own price. i hope yall can find […]

Intention Gets Signed: SunCycle 360

Say hello to the newest member of the SunCycle Industries/Entertainment team. Headed by hip-hop legend C-Rayz Walz (ex Def Jux). Over the past week C-Rayz contacted me to tell me that he believes in my talent. A childhood idol of mine, called me to tell me he believes in my talent. In other words, I’ve […]

This Wons 4 U

What’s good friends fans and fam. over the past week i’ve been working on a side project that sort of in the same vein as drake/g-eazy. It was an attempt at a more commercially friendly project. Since this isn’t something I do, or something I feel experienced in. I made a quick 7 track mixtape […]

If You’re Reading This It’s Too Early

Friday, February 13th, 2015 8:15 AM So not another interesting night. But a long one. The homegirl cruised through and “watched” the Wedding Ringer with me. Not as bad as I had expected it to be; not a huge Kevin Hart fan. Had a great time. From there I tried to sleep for a few […]

Not Dead

new song by Intention, Not Dead https://soundcloud.com/intention-1/not-dead