Intention’s Fuccin’ Problems, Lil’ Bitches, Plans, and Help.

What’s up lil’ bitches (you know who you are) ‘gaycub smbitch’ and pals, as promised a personal shout out to the haters, hoes, and facebook groupies that have been making my name trend on newsfeeds everywhere resulting in follows and plays, gotta love it. Video shoot for a new Mind’s Bleed Havoc track off the […]

idontknowwhatimdoing, an attempt by Intention

new tape by myself, Intention coming this summer. a follow up journey through a bipolar manic depressive mind. this project encompasses where i am right now in my life. where i should be. where i could have been. where i’m not going. i dont know what i’m doing. BLOOM           idontknowwhatimdoing

Get Help.

my new album “Help” is now available via bandcamp. I hope yall like it as much as I don’t. happy mothers day. PEACE. SUNCYCLE INDUSTRIES. SUNCYCLE. SUNCYCLE360. THELIGHTSOURCE. -intention