Intention Gets Signed: SunCycle 360

Say hello to the newest member of the SunCycle Industries/Entertainment team. Headed by hip-hop legend C-Rayz Walz (ex Def Jux). Over the past week C-Rayz contacted me to tell me that he believes in my talent. A childhood idol of mine, called me to tell me he believes in my talent. In other words, I’ve accomplished the first step in making my dream a reality. I want to give a huge shout out to Rayz for believing in a kid and putting me on. Also shout out to the entire SunCycle360 roster. 2015 is gonna be a HUGE year for us and myself. Minds Bleed Havoc’s second LP “The Widows Head” drops this year. My video for “Blvck Pioneer” with C-Rayz Walz drops this year. My solo album “Guttershark” drops this year. nothing but moves being made. those who doubted get outted. be about or it or i’ll see about it. this is third eye clarity, highest level, 360th degree. hip-hop to wake up the masses. Stay tuned. -intention

This Wons 4 U

What’s good friends fans and fam. over the past week i’ve been working on a side project that sort of in the same vein as drake/g-eazy. It was an attempt at a more commercially friendly project. Since this isn’t something I do, or something I feel experienced in. I made a quick 7 track mixtape completely free download. i would LOVE to know what yall think of go check it out and if you like it download it and shoot me a message/email/ig post anything to let me know that this wons 4 u!

love, intention