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Not Dead 2

working on beautiful things. coming 2017. it’s good to be alive. oh also, new minds bleed havoc coming 2017. -intent

Intention ? IDKWID !

i don’t know what i’m doing. but i’m still doing it. i’ve scrapped all songs that i had going towards the new album “Cope” and started over..i very much want to take my time with this particular project and make it without a doubt the greatest effort i’ve offered in my entire career of rapping..but […]

FYPM. A mixtape by Intention.

during the recording process for help, grief, and the upcoming cope i created a handful of songs that i didn’t particularly have a project to place to. so i decided to make one of it’s own. my new 15 song mixtape of brand new, previously unreleased, and forgotten tracks will be released October 1st, 2015. […]

Grief, Cope, & The Widows Head

What’s up y’all! New updates on the new updates. My follow up album to May’s “Help“, “Grief” is done. However, I will be withholding releasing it to finish working on the follow up album to “Grief”, “Cope”. Upon release all 3 albums will be placed together to create what I call the Better Bundle. It’s […]


Good news and bad news. The bad news is my EP ‘idontknowwhatimdoing’ is deaded. over with. The good news is 3 of my favorite of the 7 tracks are being remastered and put towards my new full length project, which will be a follow up with May’s ‘Help‘. This new album will be entitled, ‘Grief’ […]

idontknowwhatimdoing, an attempt by Intention

new tape by myself, Intention coming this summer. a follow up journey through a bipolar manic depressive mind. this project encompasses where i am right now in my life. where i should be. where i could have been. where i’m not going. i dont know what i’m doing. BLOOM           idontknowwhatimdoing

Get Help.

my new album “Help” is now available via bandcamp. I hope yall like it as much as I don’t. happy mothers day. PEACE. SUNCYCLE INDUSTRIES. SUNCYCLE. SUNCYCLE360. THELIGHTSOURCE. -intention